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Through a 6-stage process over the course of a house build, Precycle sorts recyclable materials at their source before removing to be recycled. Our efficient service is more convenient, cleaner and cost effective than current waste removal options available. 

While reducing waste output for the construction industry, the Precycle service also includes regular maintenance and upkeep of work sites. Keeping areas tidy to minimise hazards, increase overall safety and cleanliness. 


Professional Services

Take control of your work sites

Material Recycling

Aiming to reduce landfill we minimise general waste by removing materials immediately after each stage is complete. Working together with contractors is key to an efficient waste reduction practice.

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Site Clean

We pride ourselves on our clean and sweep program. Over the course of the build, your building site will be kept in a tidy manner. Creating not only an aesthetically pleasing work site but reducing the risk of hazards. 

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Resource Management

During the Precycle process, we keep an eye on the entire build. They key is to build a strong, continuous relationship with builders, and in return our assessment of stock and ordering can help reduce costs in the long term. 

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Precycle has partnered with Green Industries South Australia, to create a case study on our resource recovery process. The in depth study proves that our resource management system is the most effective in Australia.

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Precycling in construction industry saves money and environment

A South Australian company is trailblazing a path to bring circular economy to home construction sites.


The latest buzzword in environmental circles is “pre-cycling”—

 An innovative company from South Australia has decided to apply the principle to the construction industry after identifying problems with its own waste generation.




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